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The foods in victorian times

By ukykukyu

Breakfast was about 9 o 'clock , then the lunch was taken about mid-day and was always followed by a wonderful pudding, finally dinner was a very grand meal with anything from 20 to 40 dishes in the menu!Edit

The typical food of victorian times was Bacon, eggs, so much soup, fish, cheese and drinks like tea or cocoa.

To deepen more in the theme I wanna put a quote explain the food of the working class on victorian times:

"The better paid workers, especially the families where every member is able to earn something, have good food as long as the state of things lasts; meat daily, and bacon and cheese for supper. Where wages are less, meat is used only two or three times a week, and the proportion of bread and potatoes increases. Descending gradually, we find a small piece of bacon, cut up with potatoes, lower still, even this disappears, and there remains only bread, cheese, porridge and potatoes until, on the lowest rung of the ladder, potatoes form the sole food."

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====The menu was often the same from week to week. Only some of the ingredients (such as the vegetables) changed with the seasons. The food was prepared and eaten to a more set pattern, often linked to the day of the week. ====

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